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BCS wagering is the pinnacle of college football betting and now that the first BCS betting line poll has been released the action has just been taken up a notch.

Anyone that has ever played BCS odds knows what roller coaster ride it can be and there really is no peer when it comes to BCS college football odds. Football fans have been drawn to BCS wagering since the first play of the season and as we get closer to betting on the BCS Championship game the action will only get better.

BCS wagering is a relatively new development in the world of college football wagering and it’s one that not every sports fan is fond of. When the original format of the BCS college football betting was first discussed not many fans liked the idea of a computer picking and choosing the BCS wagering contenders for the national championship. But the eternal problem with college football (with or without BCS odds) has always been, and will likely always be, deciding which teams deserve to play in the title game. With no playoff system in place the creators of the BCS wagering system opted for the most exact way of electing the top two teams in BCS wagering that they could think of: a computer.

The results have been mixed, but even detractors of the BCS wagering system and BCS bowl odds cannot deny that the new BCS odds systems has been an improvement over the old system. The BCS wagering system that is in place now has also been highly consistent and accurate when it comes to mirroring the popular polls and has provided BCS betting Internet fans a reliable way to predict rankings and BCS betting odds. But as good as the as the BCS wagering has been and as entertaining as the BCS wagering odds are, the BCS wagering system fails to take into account the major flaw in college football. And that, of course, is the fact that there is no playoff system.

No matter how good the BCS odds might be, fans still want to see a playoff system to ensure that the best teams, and the teams that deserve to be there are featured in the BCS championship odds. But this seems unlikely to happen anytime soon and so fans are content with the new BCS wagering format. And while it might not be perfect, it certainly the current BCS wagering format certainly is better than the poll system that was in place before.

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