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BCS wagering has done many things to foster an egalitarian environment in the college football polls.

But now matter how you slice there are simply certain college football conferences that are head and shoulders above the rest and this year the BCS odds are certainly proving this point.  Ask any BCS wagering fan he or she can likely tell you the top three or four BCS odds conferences in the country without even thinking about it.

BCS wagering is based on tradition, as are most things associated with college football.  And in college football tradition seems to dictate that certain conferences will always be good at football and enjoy a high status in the BCS wagering.  This year the top power conference in the BCS wagering was the SEC.  Featuring the finest athletes in the country the SEC was expected to step on the throat of the other BCS wagering teams.  And while you can hardly complain about the SEC’s performance in the BCS odds, the conference has had plenty of competition so far for the title of the toughest conference in the BCS wagering.

The Big 12 has also played a huge roll this season in the discussion of the best conference in the BCS odds and according to the first BCS wagering rankings released, has more top teams than any other conference, even the mighty SEC.  Many SEC fans will claim that that BCS wagering system is out of touch of with reality, but the simple truth of the matter is that the Big 12 has been very impressive.

Not that many BCS odds fans didn’t expect Big 12 teams to compete this season, but to have so many Big 12 teams ranked so highly in the BCS wagering is something that not many people thought would happen this early in the season.

And that’s saying nothing of the Big 10 which after its recent failures against SEC powers in the BCS wagering Championship game, has made a very strong comeback.  The Big 10 has also surprised some people by having several teams ranked in the upper echelon of the BCS wagering rankings.  Not only that, but is seems as if the Big 10 might even have a legitimate BCS wagering champion its midst. 

But it’s hardly surprising that these three conferences would be in the BCS wagering mix as these traditionally the three strongest football conferences in America.  And as BCS wagering fans know all to well, the game of college football is steeped in tradition and change takes a very long time to take root.

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