BCS Wagering on the Texans Tech Red Raiders at SBG Global

BCS wagering odds makers and fans have never been all that kind the Texas Tech Red Raiders.

But they can be forgiven, considering the fact that before a few years ago the Red Raiders did not exist on the BCS wagering radar screen.  The team has for decades been an afterthought for Big 12 fans, that is until Mike Leach came to Lubbock and has made Texas Tech a BCS college football betting powerhouse.

BCS wagering fans saw Texas Tech debut at the number eight spot in the first BCS College football betting rankings of the year.  For fans in the Lonestar state that’s probably not a big surprise, but for the rest of the BCS wagering fans, they may not have even heard of this team.  Texas Tech is best known as the school where Bobby Knight went to retire, not as a BCS wagering powerhouse.  But after an impressive start this team, has been given a top ten spot in the BCS college football betting polls, and some fans think the team deserves an even higher spot.

If this team is a fluke it will soon be exposed and the weight of the BCS wagering rankings will come crashing down on top of it.  But the Red Raiders will have every chance in the world to prove they deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as the BCS wagering heavyweights.  In fact, with its stacked schedule down the homestretch, if the Red Raiders can win the rest of their games, they will be playing for a BCS wagering national title.

But it’s no piece of pie for this team to run the table.  To finish the BCS college football betting season undefeated this team has to beat number one Texas, number six Okalahoma State and number four Okalahoma.  It is likely the hardest schedule of nay BCS wagering team.  But the upside is huge and it could finally be the opportunity that the Red Raiders have been looking for to step out from behind the shadows of the Longhorns.

In the past years the Raiders have seen their rankings slide in the second half of the BS college football betting season.  And there are plenty of questions about the team’s defense, which is awful.  But the offense is what makes this team click and this may be the best offense in BCS wagering.  Leach has revolutionized the game with his wide open offense and can put up 30 points against any defense in the country.

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