BCS Wagering in 2008 at SBG Global

BCS wagering is always engaging and always full of excitement.

However, 2008 is so far shaping up to be one of the truly memorable BCS betting line seasons in memory.  After a stunning year in college football in 2007 which went unparalleled in unpredictability, the 2008 season is shaping up for one of the most interesting finishes in many years.

BCS wagering is one of the most unpredictable sports out there and that makes BCS betting lines especially intriguing.  It seems from week to week not even the BCS wagering lines makers are quite sure of what’s going to go down on Saturday and that makes for great BCS wagering potential every week.  Anyone familiar with BCS betting lines has surely experienced the unlikely upsets that have become commonplace in BCS wagering and no doubt has been exhilarated by the experience.

This year hasn’t been riddled with the improbable number of upsets among the top teams as we saw last year, but the 2008 edition of the BCS wagering season may prove even more interesting.  The reason for this is the composition of the BCS top ten rankings.  Last year it seemed there was a new team in the top five every week after the top programs fell victim to classic BCS betting line upsets on an almost weekly basis.  In fact, in 2007 losses were so common place the first 2-loss team in BCS wagering history was crowned champion.  But 2008 has a different type of excitement.

The BCS wagering top ten in the first rankings released this season are predominantly from three major conferences with the exception of UCS, which is a major BCS wagering powerhouse in its own right.  Simply being from the same conference does not guarantee excitement in the BCS wagering rankings, but the fact that most of these teams are yet to face one another is.  With the top teams in Big 12, SEC and Big 10 teams all still set to face off in the BCS betting lines this season we could see an entirely new class of top ten teams in BCS wagering by season end.  It will be all but impossible for any of the teams to make through the rest of their schedule in these conferences unscathed and for that reason the BCS wagering rankings will be shifting dramatically almost every week for the rest of the 2008 wagering season.

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