BCS Wagering Hits Mid-Season Stride at SBG Global

BCS wagering fans are perhaps the happiest people on the planet at this moment.

With all the bad news circulating these about the economy, home foreclosures, etc, it’s been a great relief to see that the first BCS odds poll has finally been released.  After nearly half a season without the BCS wagering poll in place, fans now have a much clearer understanding of which teams they might expect to see in the 2009 BCS odds championship game.

BCS wagering rankings are far from a perfect science but they are –for better or for worse- the rankings that govern college football betting.  And so far, in the several years that the BCS odds system has been in place, have by all accounts been an improvement over the polls that used to govern the game prior to the BCS wagering.  The added benefit of the BCS wagering is that while it continues to take into account the popular polls, there is also a certain element of statistics that enters into the BCS wagering equation and strength of schedule and other important factors are also incorporated in a much more scientific way.  For the most part the BCS wagering rankings haven’t contradicted the popular all that often but have added a certain consistency that may have been lacking prior to the advent of the BCS odds system.

And perhaps the biggest impact that the BSC wagering system has had on college football is that it allows lesser known schools to have equal footing with traditional BCS wagering giants.  These smaller schools are often overlooked based purely on reputation, or lack thereof, and the BCS wagering system works to eliminate these inherent biases that the pre-BCS odds system harbored.

There are still many BCS wagering critics out there who prefer the tradition of the ranking system based on popular national polls.  But these so-called purists seem to view college football as a quaint Saturday afternoon outing, and fail to grasp what behemoth the sport has become.  It is now a multi-billion dollar enterprise and has far outgrown the pre-BCS wagering system of ranking teams.

There is still a long way to go in perfecting a college football ranking system but the BCS wagering system has come a long way in improving the previous system.  It has capitalized on the positives of the poll system but worked to eliminate the human errors associated with it.  And that, more than anything, has been the major contribution of the BCS wagering system. 

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