BCS Wagering Crowd Favors the Texas Longhorns at SBG Global

BCS wagering fans saw the University of Texas Longhorns tear through the unbeatable USC Trojans in 2006 to claim the first national title under Mac Brown’s tenure.

This year, if all goes as many BCS bowl odds makers think it might, there could be another national title making its way to Austin.  The Texas Longhorns are rated number in the BCS wagering rankings and a birth in the BCS title game is theirs to lose.

BCS wagering experts all agree that this year’s road to the championship game is riddled with potholes.  However, BCS bowl odds makers said the same thing about the Horn’s mission in 2006 and the team proved the BCS wagering doubters wrong.  And there are many similarities between that team and this team.  Both were led by dynamic QBs that ranked among the best in BCS wagering.  Vince Young took it upon himself in the title game to lift his team to victory and put together one of the finest individual performances in BCS bowl odds history.

This year the role of dynamic QB is played by Colt McCoy who has been absolutely amazing and arguably the best QB in BCS wagering this year.  He gets the job done with both his arm and his feet and is the early leader in the BCS bowl odds to win the Heisman trophy.  This year the Horns are very solid on both sides of the ball and there is little argument that they deserve the top ranking in the BCS wagering after several big wins, most notably over the much hyped Oklahoma Sooners.

But the big question now is whether the Horns can stay atop the BCS wagering polls.  From here on out the scheduling gets much tougher and BCS bowl odds wouldn’t seem to favor the Horns.  In order to go undefeated, which this team probably has to do in order to keep its BCS wagering title hopes alive, it must beat two top ten rated teams in the next two weeks and beat a top 20 team in Kansas to end the season and also win the BCS bowl odds conference championship game.

It’s very difficult, but not impossible.  The Horns have already beaten two top teams in successive weeks, and beaten them badly.  This is the best team in the BCS wagering at the moment, and it will have more than enough chances to prove it is the best in the BCS wagering at the end of the season.  Right now the Horns are the front runner for the national BCS wagering title.

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