BCS Wagering Covers the Country at SBG Global

BCS wagering is one of the truly American pastimes and in more ways than one.

BCS wagering and BCS betting Internet strategies encompass the entire country from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic.  With well over 100 schools represented in the top tier BCS wagering there is not a BCS betting Internet fan that doesn’t have some team he or she can call their own within an hour or two drive from their home.

BCS wagering also covers more than just geography.  Often baseball is known as the US pastime.  But baseball’s time in the spotlight has come and gone and while it remains a popular and powerful pop culture icon it simply can’t compete with the popularity of football and BCS wagering specifically.  And baseball is many countries’ pastime such as Cuba, Venezuela and Japan.  No other sport truly defines the US sporting culture like football and BCS wagering.  BCS betting Internet style and the playing of football are very distinctly American, and no other country makes any claim on football except for perhaps Canada.

But the BCS wagering is more than just football; it is a unique brand of football.  The NFL and the CFL are both wonderful products and games but they lack an element that is ever present in BCS wagering and that is passion.  Perhaps it’s precisely because there are so many teams and nearly every BCS wagering fan is within proximity of a Division I team that fans get so excited about BCS wagering.  Or it could be that they have fond memories of attending one of the BCS wagering schools.  But whatever it is there is very strong connection between fans and the game. And this is very likely why BCS betting Internet sites are so popular. 

Fans and BCS wagering regulars are huge supporters of their team and the sport in general.  And one of the easiest ways they can demonstrate this support is through wagering.  The BCS odds and the many betting sites online allow them a stronger connection to the game than perhaps if they simply watched it on TV or were there in person.  That extra bit of passion for a team listed in the BCS odds gives them the impetus to play the wager and see how the chips land.

From one coast to the other, from the breadbasket to Manhattan, college football is truly an American phenomenon that has only been enhanced with the addition of the BCS odds system.

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