BCS Wagering on the Championship Game

BCS wagering has become hugely popular in the US but of all the bowls represented in the BCS wagering system the coup de gras is the BCS wagering title game.

Be BCS Championship is the game that every college football player and every BCS bowl odds bettor dreams of participating in.  The BCS wagering system was set up just for this very game and in 2008 the field appears to be wide open as to which two teams will be playing for a national title in this monster BCS bowl odds match up.

BCS wagering experts have their work cut out for them as they try and prognosticate, several months out, which teams will play for the ultimate BCS wagering win.  Chances are this game will feature an SEC team.  The committee that decides which teams will play in the BCS bowl odds games and especially the championship is a hugely secretive affair and many factors go into the final decision, most noticeably the computer generated BCS wagering rankings.  But it is also very important that schools have a large fan base for revenue purposes.  Since the SEC is the consensus best conference in the country with a huge fan following, whatever the record might be, an SEC is all but guaranteed to play in the BCS wagering Championship game.

At this juncture in time it looks as if Florida or Alabama could be the team, both have already won big inter-conference games and have only one big match up on the horizon.  As for the other team in the BCS wagering championship, it’s very hard to say.  The Big Ten, and Big 12 are very likely choices.  The Big 12 is arguably the second best conference in the BCS wagering this year –if not as good as the SEC, but it’s top teams face a very hard inter-conference schedule and it doesn’t’ seem likely that any team will come through unscathed.  If Texas can win out it will be in the BCS wagering championship game.  The same is true of Penn State which faces only one more test in the BCS wagering (Ohio State at home).

But the safest choice to appear in the BCS bowl odds championship game seems to be USC which has no real road blocks this season.  Its Pac 10 competition is week and if it runs the table, which seems very likely, it’s all but guaranteed a spot in the BCS title game by default.

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