BCS Wagering on a Champion Could Get Very Tricky at SBG Global

BCS wagering fans got their first glimpse of the BCS rankings recently and there were few surprises.

Even before the rankings were released fans of BCS betting Internet sites knew that this year would involve a complicated set of variables in determining the BCS champ and the first BCS wagering rankings of the year simply confirmed this.  With of the top team’s still facing season defining match ups in the coming weeks ahead, the picture for the BCS wagering title is no clearer now than it was at the start of the season.

BCS wagering is never easy, and perhaps even less easy is setting the BCS betting Internet lines.  But with half a season remaining the most important –and most difficult- BCS wagering games lay ahead.  What makes this year’s BCS wagering so difficult is the fact that several conferences dominate the top rankings in almost BCS betting Internet rankings that exist.  And while the upside of this is the fact that fans and BCS wagering odds makers can focus on only a handful of teams, the much larger problem is the fact that since these teams are all in the same BCS wagering conferences, most are going meet head-to-head.

That means that one team must lose and a loss this late in the BCS wagering season could eliminate them from the BCS betting Internet Championship race.  And, if one of these teams in the top five is bumped out of its high ranking some team in the BCS wagering must takes its place.  In essence, BCS wagering fans should get ready to expect a huge amount of turnover in the top ten before the season ends.  And high turnover means very unpredictable BSC wagering in the weeks ahead and makes picking a national champ very, very difficult.

With four teams from the Big 12 debuting in the top ten of the first BCS wagering rankings of the season, and three from the SEC, fans are all but assured a major overhaul of these rankings in the very near future.  With most of these conference rivals still set to play the BCS wagering hopes of perhaps of these teams are guaranteed to end in defeat, while the winners of these match ups will only solidify their BCS wagering championship hopes. 

But it’s so simple as in the Big 12 for example, these ranked teams face multiple top ten conference rivals and while the a team may win one of these games, they could lose another just as easily and eliminate themselves and their conference rival from the BCS wagering title discussion in the coming weeks ahead.  

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