BCS Wagering Bowls Will Not Have PAC 10 Presence

BCS wagering has long included many top Pac 10 programs.

With a number of title contenders and BCS betting line national champions coming from this storied conference the, the Pac 10 has become somewhat of a fixture at in the BCS wagering bowls.  But this year, with only USC even a legitimate top 25 team there seems little chance that the Pac 10 will have much of a presence in the BCS wagering bowl season this year.

BCS wagering fans and odds makers alike had predicted some big things from this conference that seemingly always has several teams in or near the top ten in the BCS betting line rankings.  But this year there is no disputing the fact that the Pac 10 is having a hugely sub-par season.  The teams in the conference, with the exception of USC are living up their potential and are getting battered in the BCS wagering lines.

With four teams ranked in the BCS wagering polls in the preseason the Pac 10 teams have done nothing but disappoint.  Perhaps the biggest disappointment is Arizona State, a team highly favored by BCS wagering experts heading into the season.  With a new coach, a potent offense and perfect schedule to springboard into the BCS betting line national championship discussion, the Sun Devils have been rotten, limping to a 2-4 record and falling off of the BCS wagering radar. 

Injuries have also taken their toll on BCS wagering favorites in the conference like Oregon, which has lost three QBs throughout the season.  But excuses aside, the talent level in the Pac 10 simply isn’t’ that good this year according to most BCS wagering analysts.  The bottom half of the conference are perhaps the worst teams in any BCS wagering conference and the top half are little better than average.  The conference title is still up for grabs and perhaps the competition will bring out the best it the remaining BCS wagering competition.

The only truly talented team in the conference this year is USC and despite the awful play of the other Pac 10 teams the Trojans could actually bring a BCS wagering national title to the conference.  The team has suffered only loss this season and that was to conference rival Oregon State, unranked in the BCS wagering polls, but still in the hunt for the Pac 10 title.  The early loss to such a lowly opponent seems to have sobered USC and the team has been excellent of late, reaffirming its BCS wagering title hopes.

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