BCS Wagering All The Way to the Championship

BCS wagering is as unpredictable as perhaps any other major sport in the land.

This makes for great entertainment abut it can make it very difficult when it comes to BCS betting game.  With the BCS wagering regular season barely past the mid-way point there are still multiple teams with a legitimate shot at being featured in the BCS betting game.

BCS wagering fans have learned not to jump the gun when it comes to crowning the national champion or even the teams that will be featured in the BCS betting event.  So much can change so quickly that just because a team in ranked one week, doesn’t mean that it will remain there for long.  This year is especially crazy as each week seems to present bigger and more important match ups than the week before and BCS wagering fans have been bombarded with excellent betting match ups week in and week out.  If anything, there has been no shortage of great BCS wagering opportunities this season and there is plenty more to come.

All the top conferences are just getting into the meat of their BCS wagering schedules and the competition is heating up.  Every game from here on out in the BCS wagering is now a must win game.  That term, “must win” is thrown around often and many times quite recklessly in the world of BCS wagering, but this late in the season there is simply no other way to describe the importance of the games ahead.  An early season loss can easily be overcome in the BCS wagering, take Florida or USC for example, both teams lost to a conference opponent within the first few weeks in the season and both have already climbed back to the near pinnacle of the BCS wagering rankings.

But now that the schedule has entered into the second half of the BCS wagering season a loss is all but impossible to recover from.  The old adage that it’s better to lose early than lose late is certainly proving to true this BCS wagering season.  The competition for a berth in the BCS betting game has basically boiled down to a single elimination competition.  The only team that could lose in the coming weeks and still earn an invite to the BCS wagering title game is Texas, which would slip the least of any team as its currently ranked number.  Also any potential loss would likely come from a top ten ranked conference opponent and it could win the conference title game for an automatic BCS wagering bowl bid.

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