BCS Odds National Champ Will be Florida

BCS odds makers are all over the board as to which team they think will win the national championship this year in the BCS bowl odds.

But all things considered the University of Florida seems to have the best chance of winning the national BCS odds title.  The Gators may not necessarily be the best team in the BCS odds but they look to be the team with the best shot at claiming a title.

BCS odds take into account a great number of factors, not simply which team is the best.  There are many teams that will feature in the BCS bowl odds race but it takes more than just skill to succeed in the BCS odds.  For example, Texas looks to be the best team in the country right, but its road to a national BCS odds title is much harder than the Gators.  The Horns face two top ten ranked opponents, a top twenty team to close the regular season and then must face a likely top ten opponent in the Big 12 title game.  This is almost impossible according to most BCS odds experts.

The Gators on the other hand have one tough game left a declining LSU team and a SEC title game most likely against Alabama, which is talented but more or less untested.  If the Gators win out they’ll almost assuredly be in the BCS odd title game.  At this point and juncture that seems very likely to most BCS odds fans and analysts.

But can they win in the BCS bowl odds match up?  That is the bigger question, and the answer according to many BCS odds makers is yes.  Despite suffering a humiliating loss to the lowly Ole Miss this is a very good team, one of the top three in the BCS odds.  It is the fastest team on the planet and it has skill at the most important positions.  Tim Tebow is a one man BCS odds wrecking crew if need be.  But this season he’s relied on his playmakers and hasn’t needed to be.  He is nightmare for opposing defensive coordinators and non-SEC teams have no idea what it’s like to play against him in the BCS odds. 

The teams defense is not its strong suit but it makes big plays and force turnovers with its speed.  On offense this team has more big play threats than any other in the BCS odds and this will be the deciding factor in any BCS bowl match up.  The only other team in the country with the type of athletes that Florida has is USC.  And ironically, the two could face off in the BCS bowl odds Championship game.

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