BCS Odds Rankings and Ohio State

BCS odds makers have been badly burned by the Ohio State Buckeyes in the past two years.

As most BCS wagering fans will recall, the BCS odds makers selected OSU to play in the past two BCS wagering title games.  Both times the team was destroyed by superior SEC teams and so it seems a bit peculiar that the Buckeyes would receive such a high ranking in the new BCS odds poll.

BCS odds fans would Ohio State is a very good team, and perhaps better this year than it was in the past two seasons.  But it does not warrant a place in the top ten in the new BCS odds rankings.  It’s very likely that by the end of the season this will be a top ten talent, but based on what the team has done so far, it seems absurd that OSU would debut in the BCS odds ranking’s top ten.  Especially considering the fact that it leapfrogged Florida –one of the SEC teams that trounced the Buckeyes in the BCS wagering title game.  Both the Gators and the Buckeyes have one loss but the Gators lost a squeaker to conference opponent while OSU was utterly destroyed on national TV.

But the reputation of the Big Ten seems to hold more sway with the BCS odds committee than any other single factor.  Take for example the resurgence of the Penn State program which has seen it’s star rise in the BCS odds rankings as well, debuting at the number three spot.  Both teams are very good but as we’ve seen in the past few seasons the Big Ten simply is not on par with the SEC despite what the BCS odds might say.

Still, there is a lot of football left to be played and it’s likely that we’ll see the SEC teams and the Big Ten teams fade as the BCS odds finale approaches.  But that being said, this OSU team, if Beanie Wells can stay healthy, is much better than it was last year for one simple reason: QB Tyrell Pryor.  If Pryor finds his grove he is the Big Ten’s Tim Tebow, only more athletic.  There is no defense in the Big Ten and perhaps the BCS wagering that can contain him and dual threat skills.  It will be interesting to see if the Pryor and the Buckeye’s can vindicate thee BCS odds makers and prove that their BCS wagering ranking is no fluke.

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