BCS Odds Rankings Finally Debut in 2008

BCS odds fans can finally exhale as the first BCS wagering rankings of the year have finally been released.

Not that there were any major surprises in the inaugural BCS odds rankings, but for a wagering fans the release of the first BCS rankings is right of passage.  It’s like the leaves changing colors or the first robins in spring, it signals a shift in the paradigm and that means that the race for the BCS odds title is now in full swing.

BCS odds polls are generally in line with the popular AP and coaches poll and so the release of the first BCS wagering poll of the year is more symbolic than revealing.  Still it is a powerful marker during the BCS odds season as it means that the BCS wagering title game is closer than ever.  As the BCS odds rankings are what govern which teams will play in the meaningful bowl games –including the BCS wagering Championship game- it is the most important set of rankings out there.

True to form the top five and top ten of the BCS odds poll varies very little from the other top polls.  However, for teams ranked highly in the BCS odds poll, it’s encouraging to see their name listed as top contenders.  It legitimizes their accomplishments so far in the BCS wagering and gives them hope that their BCS dreams really can come true.

Of course, not every team has been a winner in the BCS odds poll, but for most teams their fortunes have remained consistent.  The University of Florida Gators perhaps faired the worst of any of the top rated teams in the new BCS odds rankings.  For example, the Gators are ranked number five in the AP poll but dropped all the way to number ten in the BCS odds poll.  And unfortunately the BCS odds poll is what governs.

But the season is still young and with several top rated SEC opponents still on the schedule the Gators will have plenty of chances to get back to the BCS wagering championship, because the only certainty in the world of BCS odds is uncertainty.  In fact, the ten teams listed in the inaugural BCS odds poll may not even be in the top 25 by the time the season ends.  The team in the number one spot in the new BCS odds, Texas, will almost certainly be out of the top spot (at least temporarily) as it faces a very stiff schedule for the remainder of the season.

So even as exciting as it may be to see the new BCS odds polls, remember there are many more to come, and even as soon as the weekend, these early BCS odds rankings could be meaningless.

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