Odds Format Will Likely See Playoffs in Future

BCS odds haven’t been around long and already people are demanding change.

And it’s only logical that BCS betting odds fans are asking for more.  The BCS odds system has been a great improvement of the previous system in college football, but anything short of playoff format for most BCS betting odds fans is unacceptable.

BCS odds makers and the people who put the BCS system into place in the first place have been long aware of these calls for reform.  The reason why the BCS does not take these changes into consideration, however, has little to do with BCS odds or even football.  The decision not to create an outright playoff system likely has to do with money and power and the BCS odds committee that hands out the invitations to the various bowls likely doesn’t want to give up either of those things. 

There are also the constant arguments that a playoff system in impractical and the logistics of such thing are to difficult to warrant a switch from the current BCS odds system.   And then there are also the purists who were up arms when the BCS betting odds systems was adopted.  The purists’ intent is presence the heritage of the game and that means relying on imperfect polls, a decrepit system of bowl games and certainly no playoff format.  All of these arguments have merit to a degree, but the simple truth of the matter is that the BCS odds format will giveaway to playoffs sooner rather than later.  And almost every BCS betting odds maker is likely aware of this.

The argument for the change away from BCS odds rankings to an outright playoff system are simply too great to be ignored.  The call for a change away from the BCS betting odds to a playoff system seem to grow louder every year and it’s simply a matter of time before such a development occurs.  The question has even evolved to the point of not “why?” but rather “why not”.  There simply doesn’t seem to be a compelling argument for keeping the BCS odds rankings when a playoff system can be so easily put in place. 

Such a system would replace the somewhat arbitrary BCS odds rankings with a fair and even playing field.  The top teams in the country, perhaps based upon BCS odds style rankings would be invited to the post season, perhaps 16 teams, and each would be assigned a seeding.  And, then, BCS odds fans could sit back and watch the best team win. 

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