BCS Odds Favor Penn State for Title Game Bid

BCS odds makers have already penciled in Penn State as one of the teams that will receive a big for the BCS betting championship game in January.

The big question remains to be seen if the Nittany Lions are really one of the top two teams in the country, but matter not, they appear to have secured a bid in the BCS odds title game.  With a big win over Ohio State on the road, Penn State can coast through the rest of the Big 10 conference schedule knowing that if it wins out, it’s in the BCS odds Championship game.

BCS odds experts gave this team very little chance of even breaking the top 10 in the BCS betting this season, let along earning a championship game bid.  But a combination of scheduling and impressive play have boosted this team in the BCS odds rankings and for all intents and purposes ensured this team an invite to the biggest college football game in BCS betting.

The season is still far from over but there is no other team that appears to have an easier road to the BCS betting championship game than the Nittany Lions.  This is a team that controls its own destiny and faces only three more games this season whereas some of the other top ranked face as many as five.  This greatly increases the Nittany Lion’s chances of winning out and remaining undefeated in the BCS odds.  If Penn State does run the table in the Big 10 BCS odds, it’s all but guaranteed a place in the title game.

Better still for Penn State fans, its three remaining games are against two doormats and a decent BCS odds teams.  The Nittany Lions play Iowa and Indiana in the next two weeks, two BCS odds weaklings.  Then the team faces off against a decent Michigan State team which is on the fringe of the BCS odds top 25.  And best of all Iowa is the only road game for the Nittany Lions, augmenting their chances of finishing the BCS odds season undefeated even further.

The Big 10 teams also have an advantage over some of the other top ranked teams in the Big 12 and the SEC, as there is no conference championship game.  So once Penn State’s finishes its BCS odds conference schedule it will likely be greatly rewarded for its inactivity.  It seems highly unlikely that both Texas and Alabama will make it through the BCS betting gauntlet undefeated which such tough competition remaining in their division and Penn State will be the direct beneficiary. 

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