BCS Odds Are Very Difficult to Predict

BCS odds makers have one of the hardest jobs in all of sports.

College football can be an incredibly difficult sport to handicap and anyone that has ever bet on BCS college football betting certainly knows the veracity of this statement.  With so many teams in the BCS odds hunt and so much parity in the game it’s very hard to know which teams will eventually emerge as the BCS college football betting champs.

BCS odds are so difficult to predict for a number of reasons.  As mentioned before the shear volume of teams involved in BCS college football betting is a much greater sample size than any other sport, save college basketball.  Whereas in professional football the league is also riddled with parity on many levels, but there is only 32 teams that the handicappers must be familiar with.  This works to their advantage in two ways.  First, the NFL bookmakers must only be familiar with 32 teams, a pipe dream for BCS odds makers.  And second, with only that limited number of teams involved in the competition there is a good chance that many of the teams will against one another in the regular season –again, something that is very unlikely in the BCS odds world.  And without seeing teams play head to head or even against a common opponent it’s very difficult to which is the better team when it comes to the BCS odds.

But the very same factors that make life so frustrating for BCS odds makers are exactly the same things that make BCS college football betting so interesting for betting fans.  College football is highly unpredictable and this results in great entertainment and great BCS odds betting opportunities.  While some BCS odds fans may lament that the sport has no direct playoff system, this is simply the small price that must be paid for such wildly entertaining match ups.

With BCS odds makers having to rely on popular polls to some extant it creates a much wider margin of error than sports fans will likely find at the professional level.  Whereas NFL odds tend to be very tight and neat, a college spread of 30 points is not unheard of.  With that type of crazy spreads, why wouldn’t football fans love BCS odds?  And that only better than that kind of spread is the fact that quite often enough teams actually win by that type of margin or greater and so BCS odds makers keep putting the Goliath spreads out there.

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