Avoiding College Football Betting Losers

College football betting is obviously a lot more successful if you can avoid losses.

There are actually things that winning NCAA football betting gamblers do and there are things that losers do.  What you want to do is avoid what the losers do when they make a college football bet at the sports book.

College football betting gamblers that lose money oftentimes do the same things. One of the best things that a gambler can do is to observe losers and to learn from them as they will teach a prospective college football betting gambler as much about what not to do as to do.  Losers should simply be utilized for a college football betting education, as a gambler can then learn to do exactly the opposite of what the loser does.

Losers will often be out front about their wagers and who they have their money on, jawboning these NCAA football betting selections to everyone else.  If you are in a sportsbook on a typical college football Saturday these red ink gushers will be running their ignorant mouths to anyone that will listen.  If you happen to be sitting in front of them as they talk about their “sure things” you will quickly notice their incredible and profound ignorance about college football betting.  It wouldn’t at all be a bad idea if you strolled right up to the window with such individuals and bet the other way in NCAA football betting.  The same thing happens at various Internet posting boards where people run their mouth about their college football betting selections.  Inevitably these NCAA football betting selections lose.

College football betting losers are unprepared and have no set methodology.  They simply bet with whatever they “feel” is the way to wager.  The various amounts wagered by the typical loser are wildly different and with no basis in common logic.  Losers always bet on feel and emotion, (even if they refuse to admit it), and they also most often make a college football bet based on what they hear from their fellow masses of asses.  Losers bet with common knowledge, on tidbits that even the most casual of college football betting gamblers know about.  College football betting losers are the masters of the obvious and experts at what everybody, including most importantly the oddsmakers, already knows.

Another characteristic about college football betting losers is that they are always betting with small shoestring bankrolls and lack the understanding of the concept of a real college football betting bankroll.

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