Alternate Football Odds

All football odds and even the Super Bowl NFL betting odds are available before the season begins and you can pick a team and root for them all year.

Football odds are available on more than just sides and totals. There are many other options as you look at college and NFL betting odds. Let’s look at some of those alternatives. Football odds are available on first half and second half football odds. One of the best ways to make money versus the football odds is with halves wagering.

This is where a gambler will bet on the outcome of the first or second half of the game, without any consideration to the other half. The first half football odds are posted before the game begins while the halftime football odds are posted just after the game goes to the half. The first half football odds are interesting to consider and can be great wagers, especially if you have a power team you like. Very often in college and NFL betting odds you will see teams let up in the second half after getting a big lead. That can sometimes let inferior teams get a backdoor cover versus the football odds. Halftime wagers are also good to look at, especially if you are watching the game.

Another option in football odds that many people don’t consider is the futures bet. This is where you can make one bet and be in action all season long. You can oftentimes also bet futures after the season starts as some sportsbooks continually update their futures football odds. There is no question that a futures bet is a less expensive option than betting games every single week. For the cost of a single wager you can be in action all year.

If you are willing to wait until marquee games you have even more options in football odds. With big television games you will sometimes get propositions such as yards by a running back, TD’s by a quarterback, interceptions, fumbles, etc. These are popular for Monday night NFL betting odds and also in marquee games like the Super Bowl.

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