Alabama Favored in BCS Bowl Odds but not Cocky

BCS Bowl odds have the Crimson Tide of Alabama favored on Thursday in college football’s national championship game.

While the Tide are favored in college football odds they are not cocky or overconfident as they get set to face Texas.

BCS Bowl odds have Alabama favored by just over a field goal against Texas.  The Crimson Tide know all about the favorites flopping in BCS Bowl odds and head coach Nick Saban made it a point to tell his players they are not big favorites.

Texas is not complaining about being an underdog in BCS Bowl odds. "One of the things about being an underdog is that it is easier to keep an edge," Texas head coach Mack Brown said, "This bunch has won 26 out of the last 27 games. They have built a self-esteem and a confidence about them that is not arrogance, but they feel like they have a chance to win every time that they play."

Alabama should not be cocky or overconfident in BCS Bowl odds. The underdog in this game has won six of the last seven including the last four in a row.  Year after year the top-ranked team comes into BCS Bowl odds with a big head and ends up losing.  Saban has really made it a point not to let that happen to Alabama.

There are some interesting story lines in BCS Bowl odds. Will Texas be able to move the ball against Alabama’s #2 ranked defense?  Will they be able to protect quarterback Colt McCoy? They couldn’t do it in the Big 12 title game against Nebraska and probably should have lost.  On the other side, can Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram find room to run against the #1 ranked rushing defense of Texas?  And how well will Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy play in the biggest game of his career?  If he plays well then Alabama is probably going to win. If he makes mistakes they are likely to struggle in college football odds.

Alabama was 13-0 this season and favored in every game except the SEC title game against Florida. The Crimson Tide was 7-5 as a favorite in college football odds this season.  Texas was also 13-0 but just 5-7-1 against the college football odds. They were double-digit favorites in every game except one this season. In the win against Oklahoma they were just three point favorites and they won that game by exactly three points.

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