2019 College Football Betting Regular Season Team Win Total Best Bets

2019 NCAA Football Betting Regular Season Team Win Total Best Bets

At the onset of the 2019 season are some obvious choices to win regular-season win totals.  Alabama, Clemson, and Georgia top the College Football betting Board with the highest win total numbers.  Additionally, Ohio State and Oklahoma are in a predictable territory.  But from there the possibilities are not so obvious.  Plenty of potential betting values are seen by serious handicappers.  There are some teams that should be on the rebound after disappointing 2018 setback seasons.  Contrarily, there are some other programs that may have peaked out last year.  Big-time programs lead the discussion.

Intriguing Potential College Football Betting Win Total Values

Date and Time:The Season Opens August 24, 2019
2019 Regular Season Win Total College Football Betting odds at SBG:Clemson 11.5, Alabama 11, Georgia 11, Ohio State 10.5, Oklahoma 10.5, Michigan 9.5, Texas 9.5, Oregon 9, Florida 9, Miami 8.5, Wisconsin 8.5, Nebraska 8.5, Penn State 8.5, Notre Dame 8.5, Auburn 8, Texas 7.5, Oklahoma State 6.5, Mizzou 6.5

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Ohio State Buckeyes 10.5  

Namely, new head coach Ryan Day faces the College Football Betting Pressure of high expectations and pressure.  Replacing a legend, in this case, Urban Meyer is always full of peril.  A new starting quarterback is among the challenges facing Day.  Of great concern are road games at Nebraska, Northwestern and Michigan.  Recruiting and materiel depth remains strong.  Ohio State should clear the 10.5 regular-season win total.

Michigan Wolverines 9.5

At the beginning of this season is a different kind of pressure on head coach Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines.  Michigan has not scored an offshore bookmaker Win over Ohio State since “Khaki Jesus” arrived.  Furthermore, the M Men have never played in the Big Ten Championship Game.  Harbaugh is gambling on a less traditional offense with rookie coordinator Josh Gattis.  Now comes the question on if Harbaugh is blinking or panicking?  And can Michigan finally beat Ohio State without Meyer?  Army, at Wisconsin, at Penn State, Notre Dame, Michigan State, and Ohio State are no sure wins.

Wisconsin Badgers 8.5

Last year Bucky Badger was a trendy College Football Betting pick to make the College Football Playoff.  Accordingly, the Badgers flopped in the face of all of that hype.  UW was sloppy and seemed to be reading their own headlines.  But this year Wisconsin is again under the radar.  And that is usually when the Badgers are at their best.  Wisconsin is primed to clear that 8.5 regular-season win total.

Oklahoma State Cowboys 6.5  

Likewise, the Pokes were a highly regarded team last year that fell flat on their face.  Oklahoma State needed a bowl win over Mizzou to limp home with a 7-6 record.  Decidedly head coach Mike Gundy took full responsibility.  He promised much greater attention to detail and fundamentals.  Look for this perennial contender to clear the 6.5

Missouri Tigers 6.5

Fashion that Missouri finished 8-5 in 2018 and yet could be better this season.  They also have the motivational factor of the NCAA banning them from post-season despite full cooperation from MU during an investigation.  That has created a “Us Against the World” rallying cry.  Owing to the arrival of Clemson transfer quarterback Kelly Bryant does optimism remain high.  Missouri is seen by many as the Kentucky of, 2019.

2019 Season Win Total College Football Betting Prediction: Oklahoma State Cowboys over 6.5

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