2015 Heisman Trophy Favorites

December 17th, 2019 NCAA College Football Betting

The 2015 NCAA College Football Heisman Trophy season is just around the corner and we would like to give you a head start to this upcoming season. From now until the season starts we will periodically give some previews of select Heisman Trophy teams after the offseason, some key players and teams to watch in this 2015 NCAA FB Season.

Recent stars who came up through the ranks of NCAA FB were J. Winston. M. Mariota, J. Manziel and R. Griffin III to move on to the NFL. All of them led their teams to winning Heisman Trophy status and each were Heisman Trophy winners in their respective years.

This 2015 NCAA Football season there’s a big field of talented players who may have their name spoken with the previous greats of college football, and thus we well take a look at some 4 players who could win the Heisman Trophy in 2015.

Starting with the Quarterback T. Boykin of the Horned Frogs of Texas Christian University, who playing in a new spread offense since 2014 as his team nearly made it to the playoffs in 2014. The Horned Frogs in 2014 ranked 6th with total offense of 6, 930 yards and they credit their quarterback Boykin for those impressive statistics.

This last 2014 Heisman Trophy season he passed for some 33 touchdown with 3,902 total yards in the air, and scored 8 TD’s while rushing for some 708 yards which means he is very versatile. This season he is armed with weapons of returning receivers in J. Doctson, D. Gray and K. Listenbee who scored a combined 33 TD’s in 2014. This team is very motivated to prove they are one of the best in the USA, while Boykin is at +500 and a favorite to take the Heisman Trophy for 2015.

Next we have running back E. Elliot of the Buckeyes of Ohio State at is rated at +600 to win the 2015 Heisman. Even as the big ten has a lot of top running backs, Elliot is on top as a result of how he played in the conference title and College playoff games in 2014. In the conference game he ran for 220 yards and against Alabama and Oregon he managed 8 TD’s and some 475 rushing yards in the playoffs. Since Ohio State is expected to be in the title run again this 2015, Elliot will be their star on the offense aside his quarterbacks.

Then we have Quarterback D. Prescott at +1200 of the Bulldogs of Mississippi State, as he and his team were early favorites for the 2014 Heisman and the National title. Although he struggled late in the season against Alabama, he still managed to be 8th in the Heisman ranking and he busted 10 season single records. He had 939 rushing yards, led his team to 3.936 total offensive yards and 328.6 yards per game and was involved in 37 TD’s with a completion percentage of 62.1% with 2,995 passing yards, 11 games where he passed for at least 200 yards with 24 TD’s via the pass, and his efficiency was at 151.3 for the seasons. He also set a record at Mississippi State for the most (10) regular season wins. His main problem this season is his team lost some 15 starters, but he is expected to fill the gap.

And the 4th favorite is Quarterback J. Dobbs at +5,000 of the Volunteers of Tennessee who played in some 5 games as a freshman, and then in 2014 started the last 6 games for the Volunteers. In that sophomore year he passed for 9 TD’s on 1,206 yards and was intercepted just 6 times. Those figures did not make him a contestant, but his completion rate of 64.3% ranked him as 1 of the top 10 QB’s in college football.

As a junior in 2015 he will start for Tennessee and he’s expected to have a great season as his team returns the majority of their 2014 starters of 18 and that’s the most in the SEC, with 4 of those starters being offensive lineman, who will protect Dobbs in his passing game. The team in the offseason ranked 5th in recruiting having 13- 4 star commits and 4-5 star commits, and they are expected to pull off a couple of upsets this season.

The Media experts say that the ultimate 5 Heisman winners were QB’s so the like QB Boykin of TCU who should have a great season in the Big 12.

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