2010 BCS Bowl Odds & Props

BCS Bowl odds are similar to Super Bowl odds in some respects since the game is a championship.

When #1 Alabama and #2 Texas play on Thursday, their will be a number of options on the college football odds board including propositions.

BCS Bowl odds have Alabama favored by four points against Texas with a total of 45. That is just one of the many choices in college football odds.  The money line has Alabama favored at -190 while Texas is +160.  There are other choices as well in BCS Bowl odds. You can wager on which of the two teams will score first in the game. You can wager on whether there will be a score in the first half of the first quarter or not. Other props that are popular in BCS Bowl odds include whether or not a defensive TD will be scored in the game.  With Alabama having the second ranked defense in the country that could be an interesting prop for gamblers in college football odds.

The choices in BCS Bowl odds continue with props like which team will have the most first downs, which team will have the longest TD in the game, the first score of the game, etc.  The first score of the game usually is interesting in big games as the TD gets a lot of action.  In this game with two tough defenses, it could be that a field goal is the first score.  In Super Bowl odds and in BCS Bowl odds, you always see the prop on whether or not a team will score three straight times.  Another prop for this matchup between Alabama and Texas is which quarter will have the most points score in it.

There are really a lot of great choices in BCS Bowl odds. What is sometimes forgotten, but shouldn’t be, when looking at a big game like this in college football odds is the halftime betting.  There is always a huge halftime show so there is plenty of time to get action on halftime college football betting.  These odds include the side, total and usually a money line as well.  They provide a great way to keep in action for the second half of the BCS Bowl.

Get ready for an exciting BCS Championship game between Alabama and Texas and enjoy all of the exciting wagering choices.

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