2009 Conference College Football Betting

College football betting really heats up in late September and October, because conference play is what it is all about in those two months.

The college football betting online season is really focused on conference play since that is most important before the bowl games.

College football betting for the gambler is the best during conference play.
The first big advantage that a college football betting gambler has in conference play is that the teams usually have two or three games under their belts from the non conference part of their schedule, which gives a decent indicator at just how good or bad most of these teams are. Many teams that were touted as having a lot of good players returning have had the opportunity to prove whether or not that was a positive or negative in college football betting.  If there is a young team with a lot of under classmen, the non-conference slate was an excellent proving ground both to the players and coaches but also to college football betting gamblers.

A second big advantage to conference play for college football betting gamblers is that most conference matchups have a long history with plenty of data and college football betting online trends going back sometimes decades. Many trend handicappers love the college football betting conference season with its multitude of significant online betting trends that seem to hold more often than not.

Then there is the rivalry factor in college football betting online. Many college football betting conference matchups are between heated and hated rivals and it is easy to get a read on momentum and motivation. When you combine this information with college football betting trends and the previous results of the non-conference slate you can often get a decent barometer on the relative worth of the teams involved as you look at the online sports betting odds.

Beyond the historic head to head college football betting trends, many teams have strong patterns regarding their ability to handle the different roles and scenarios of conference play such as favorites, dogs, home, away, following a win, following a loss, after a rivalry game, and or before a rivalry game. All of these scenarios are tracked by the college football betting online trend gurus and often prove to be reliable gages for college football betting gamblers.

It is no wonder that bettors love the conference part of the college football online sports betting season.

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