2009 College Football Betting Teasers

College football betting teasers are popular because you can get extra points to help your wager.

Teasers are similar to parlays in that all of the bets must win for you to collect when making a college football bet. The drawbacks to betting a teaser are that the payoffs are less, and that all of your games have to win.

College football betting teasers can be advantageous at times.  The teaser college football bet is really just a parlay with more points and less favorable odds. If one wager on your tickets loses, the entire bet is done. If you happen to tie, or what is called “push” one of the games, your college football betting teaser just reverts down to the next level or loses entirely. For example, a three teamer would become a two teamer, a four teamer a three teamer, etc. Sportsbooks have varying rules on a tie so check with your individual sportsbook. The online sportsbook can also vary a bit with their odds so check their payout tables. Here is an example of a college football betting teaser.  The regular lines on the four teams you like are Oklahoma -14, Notre Dame -3, Minnesota + 3 and BYU -10.  You play these four in a 7 point college football betting teaser and now you have Oklahoma -7, Notre Dame +4, Minnesota +10 and BYU -3.  Notice that in all four of these instances you teased games where a key number could come into play.  Keep in mind with college football betting teasers that key numbers are important when you are betting at the online sportsbook.

Just like parlays, making a college football bet with a teaser is not the way to riches at the online sportsbook. The college football betting odds are just not in your favor over the long term. That doesn’t mean they can’t win though.  As you look at college football betting teasers remember the key numbers of 3, 6, 7, and 10.  Look to tease these numbers when you make a college football bet at the sportsbook.  Also keep in mind that close games are good news for college football betting teasers.  That means you should look for close pointspreads with your college football betting teasers.

College football betting teasers should be treated very similar to parlays, play them more for fun than to make a profit.

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