2009 College Football Betting Checklist

College football betting begins with looking at the NCAA football betting lines.

The first item to check in NCAA football betting is the actual value of the team that you are considering on the board. What you want to determine is if you are getting full value for that team or if they are too highly priced on the college football betting line.

College football betting checklists can include looking at home favorites but only rarely. The public will always lean with the power home favorite first, therefore making such teams poor values on the board more often than not. That means that you first want to check the underdogs, particularly good dogs with winning records, as you will often get excellent college football betting value.

Another factor on the college football betting checklist is coaching. The coaching factor should not be underestimated. More so than in perhaps any other sport coaches have a significant impact on the outcomes of games, as they are virtual dictators of their programs. Sometimes, however, it takes a while to catch on to the true value of a coach in college football betting, so keep that in mind.

Another factor to take into account on the college football betting checklist is teams with good defenses and special teams. There is nothing more frustrating in NCAA football betting than to have money on a team that cannot defend itself and stop the opposition. It’s a great way to lose money in NCAA football betting.

Along those same lines think about how many games and bets have been decided by teams due to blocked kicks, returns for scores, etc. The kicking game often gets overlooked in college football betting but it can be important.

Another checklist item in college football betting applies to your own individual wagering. You must have the proper bankroll and play within your means. It is important in college football betting to keep your plays at a certain level in proportion to your bankroll.

Keep some of these things in mind for your college football betting this season.

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