2008 September College Football Odds

College football odds during the month of September are some of the most unpredictable of the entire season.

This is because, in most circumstances, you are flying “blind” with most college football odds early in the season due to the considerable roster turnover that nearly all teams go through each off season due to graduation and eligibility issues. There are reliable barometers that gamblers can use, as well as traps that they can learn to avoid, when looking at the college football betting line. College football odds in September should be approached cautiously.

The first thing to consider at the start of a new college football season is the program and the coach. Is this a program that has demonstrated an ability to break quickly out of the gate in the past versus the college football odds or is it one that has proven to be sluggish at the start? Some teams, such as the USC Trojans and Texas Longhorns, for example, reload instead of rebuild. Other teams, conversely, will go up and down versus the college football odds from year to year. Next you want to pay close attention to what the pre-season “buzz” is in college football odds. Not that the annual publications, Internet previews, and media know what they are talking about in terms of the college football betting line.

But what paying attention to what the word on the street is will help you ascertain what the value (or lack of it) will be when betting college football odds. When there is uncontrollable hype on a team on the way up, for example, and they are not proven, that is a good team to avoid in early September college football odds. Keep in mind that in September there are a lot of mismatches that you will have to sift through when looking at the college football betting line. Most of these mismatches, between power teams and weak teams with little public notoriety, will have large college football odds posted on the board.

While it is not necessarily a deal breaker for taking the chalk on the college football betting line, you do want to be careful about laying big college football odds, as it is easy to fall into that trap in September. Keep these things in mind as you look at the September college football odds this season.

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