Wildcats reign supreme 30-0

March 11, 2015 NCAA Basketball

The pursuit of perfection is alive and well, and March Madness Betting now has a captivating storyline to look for during the NCAA tournament. The Kentucky Wildcats defeated the Georgia Bulldogs, at Athens, GA, thanks to a superb second half where they were able to come back from a nine-point deficit. The final score was 72-64.

Much to the Georgia bulldogs credit; they managed to prove that they are not a team that was going to be pushed around by the no. 1 Team in the nation. At halftime the score was dead locked at 32, and the Georgia fans rallied behind their team as they managed to start the second half with a commanding 56 to 47 lead at one point. But just before the upset alarms began to sound all over social media, the March Madness Betting favorite Kentucky Wildcats proved once more that they are where they are for a reason. Even when they are not playing at their best level, they manage to be better than almost any other team in College Basketball.

Karl-Anthony Towns who scored a total of 19 points, followed by Aaron and Andrew Harrison who nicked 16 and 12 points respectively, led Kentucky’s offense to finally overcome a tough Georgia team and a Coliseum filled with loud Bulldog fans. Coach Calipari’s men displayed a level of mental toughness that is unmatched by even some of pro teams wish they had. They were able to regroup and not lose their cool. If there is a team that March Madness betting fans can count that they are ready and battle tested for he tournament is the UK Wildcats.

Only 10 games separate the Wildcats from the National Championship and the mythical perfect season. They will face next the Florida Gators at home to close their regular season, another step on the stairway to heaven for the Wildcats.

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