Wild March Madness Betting Line Moves

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting lines move so fast that it will make your head spin.

There are 32 games on the board for the first round of the NCAA Tournament and the line movement is fast and furious. Just how much should you consider this line movement when making a March Madness bet?

March Madness betting odds are on the board for the NCAA Tournament on Monday, March 15th.  The teams and the brackets are announced on Sunday, March 14th so that is when everything gets started.  There are so many games on the board all at once that keeping track of the line moves can be tough.  Usually when you see line movement in college hoops it is because of an injury or a big wise guy play. Those can also be reasons that the March Madness betting odds move but it could just be that the public is all over a game. That is especially true with marquee teams like Kansas and Kentucky.

When you make a March Madness bet it is nice to know why the line moved. Sometimes you can find out this information if it is injury related because you can read the injury report.  If it is a line move based on a wise guy play it might be tougher.  Let’s say that the public likes Duke and the line moves a lot in their game.  You might think it is a wise guy move but in reality it is the public moving the game.  It is much tougher in March Madness betting to know where the line moves are coming from.

The goal though is to profit from March Madness betting line moves.  There used to be a time when you could follow the line moves when making a March Madness bet and do okay. That is not as much the case anymore. The big syndicates are nothing special anymore and line moves in general don’t mean as much. That doesn’t mean some of them won’t win though. You will see lines move three or four points on regular basis when you make a March Madness bet.  You will see the line move even more on totals.  There is no question that totals are an area of weakness when it comes to college basketball and that is definitely the case with NCAA Tourney lines.  You will see totals move five or six points sometimes in March Madness betting.

Consider the line movement but don’t get carried away with it.  Use it to see where the line has moved and if it helps or hurts in March Madness betting.

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