Unknown Teams in March Madness Betting at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting can be profitable for the average gambler, especially if he is willing to ignore some of the big name schools and focus on the unknowns

Sometimes college basketball teams from the mid-major conferences can get ignored a little bit by gamblers and by March Madness betting oddsmakers when it comes to the March Madness brackets.

March Madness betting will have teams on the board that most of the public has never heard of.  There will be teams like Bucknell or Vermont that most gamblers have no idea about.  This also happens with some of the added board teams from the Southern Conference, Big Sky and others. A team like Appalachian State is just not going to get much attention from the oddsmaker or the general public when it comes to March Madness brackets.

Were you aware that sportsbooks sometimes have lower limits on added games?  That does not apply as much to March Madness betting but you still sometimes see it with these unknown teams. Sportsbooks take lower limits on some of these games in March Madness betting because they don’t want to get hit hard on a game that they may know less about than the wise guys.  You can be one of these wise guys if you do the research and work on a team or a conference that is unknown to most people in March Madness betting.  If you talk to sportsbooks off the record they will tell you that their numbers on some of these games are weaker than they would like in March Madness betting. You will also notice on these lesser conferences that March Madness betting line movement may be more volatile than on other games because the sportsbook gets one sided on the game.  The public isn’t going to bet these lesser known teams in March Madness brackets, only the wise guys.  It is when the wise guys find out good information that the games get pounded and the March Madness betting line moves.  You can find out that same information if you follow just a few teams or perhaps one or two of the unknowns on the March Madness brackets.
College basketball teams that slip below notice are the best ones to follow in March Madness betting.  If you can keep your focus on just a few teams that are less known you can have success in March Madness betting.

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