Trends for March Madness Odds at SBG Global

March Madness odds will be exciting again this season as 65 teams battle for the NCAA college basketball championship.

There are a number of great March Madness betting trends to consider for the tournament. Let’s take a look at some of them.

March Madness odds history tells us that a #1 seed has never lost to a #16 seed in the tournament. What you should also know about this matchup in March Madness odds is that rarely are these games close. Only about 10% of the games have margins in single digits.

The #2 seeds almost never lose to the #15 seeds but it is not impossible. Moving down the list in March Madness odds we find that #3 seeds have lost a lot more than the #2 seeds while the #4 seeds actually have about the same record against the #13 seeds. The #5 seeds have not done nearly as well in March Madness odds against the #12 seeds. Gamblers love taking the underdog here in this March Madness betting matchup more than any of the other first round games. Just look at the numbers. The #4 seed wins over 82% of the time but the #5 seed wins about 68% of the time. That is a major drop off for one seed in March Madness betting. The #6 seed almost has as good a winning percentage as the #5 seed in March Madness odds. You would think the #7 seed would struggle against the #10 seed in March Madness odds but they win about 63% of the time. It is the 8-9 matchup that is almost 50-50 in March Madness betting. In fact, the #9 seed actually does better against the March Madness odds.

The Final Four and the Championship game have a few interesting March Madness odds trends. A #8 seed is the lowest to ever make the title game. A #10 or #12 has never made it that far as March Madness odds history shows. Only one time in the history of the Final Four have all four #1 seeds made it in March Madness odds. Six times in history the title game has matched up two #1 seeds. The top overall seed in the tournament (the better of the four #1’s) has won the title only six times.

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