Top March Madness Odds at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds can be wagered against successfully if you keep a few basic points in mind.

Let’s consider the top 5 tips in terms of how to make money versus March Madness odds.

March Madness odds can be looked at from a number of different perspectives. We only want to consider the top 5 tips today.

1. Power Ratings – While power ratings sure do sound like a great way to beat the March Madness odds they really aren’t. Most people can’t make a good power rating on some of the unknown teams from all of the smaller conferences and even the oddsmakers struggle. Using power ratings just doesn’t work very well in terms of March Madness odds so a good tip is to throw them out.

2. Neutral Sites – Sometimes in March Madness odds you will see teams with a regional advantage. Technically all of the games are neutral sites but when you have a team like North Carolina playing in Raleigh they may as well be at home. Look closely at regional sites when you are examining March Madness betting odds and see if any home court edge exists.

3. Guards – There is little doubt that without a solid point guard it is tough to win in the tournament or cover the March Madness betting odds. A tried and true method of picking winners versus March Madness odds is to take teams with strong guards. If a team is weak in the backcourt they are unlikely to last in the tourney and they are a poor bet versus March Madness betting odds.

4. Three Pointers – College basketball has changed so much in recent years. The three point shot can impact March Madness odds in a big way. A team that can shoot the three is always a threat to win and cover the March Madness odds. Take a look at three-point shooting as part of your handicapping the March Madness betting odds.

5. Free Throws – Do you really want your money on a team that can’t shoot free throws? When the game is on the line or the cover is on the line in terms of March Madness odds you really want to be able to hit free throws. It is huge in terms of covering the March Madness odds.

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