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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds give you a lot of chances to make money if you are able to pick winners.

Let’s take a look at some tips to consider when you make picks versus March Madness odds.

March Madness odds can be beaten if you keep a few things in mind. Let’s look at the top tips to consider when wagering versus March Madness betting lines.

1. Matchups – If you want to handicap March Madness odds you are bets off starting with the matchups. You can look at various factors such as win loss records, ATS numbers, power rankings etc. These are not the end all but they are a place to start when handicapping versus March Madness odds.

2. Road Record – Since all of the NCAA Tournament games are considered neutral sites, you want to really give weight to teams that can play well on the road as you examine March Madness odds. If a team is only good at home and struggles on the road they are almost always a bad bet in March Madness betting lines.

3. Conferences – During the NCAA Tournament you will notice a conference bias. Some conferences will do well while others will struggle. This happens every year in March Madness odds so look for a conference that gets hot and ride them.

4. Strength of Schedule – This is a good handicapping tool that many people ignore when it comes to March Madness odds. Some teams have fattened up during the season on creampuffs while other teams have been facing good teams all year. When you look at March Madness odds you want battle tested team.

5. Intangibles – This tip covers a few things that sometimes get missed when handicapping March Madness odds. You can look at things like coaching, experience, seeds, etc. There are going to be factors that get overlooked like a team that gets on a run and becomes the tournament’s Cinderella. Other teams may be playing with an injured player, etc. These are all intangible factors that can impact March Madness odds.

Keep these tips in mind this season as you look at March Madness betting lines. They can help you pick more winners and increase your success rate versus the March Madness betting lines.

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