Tips for Betting Elite 8 Odds at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

Winning teams in Elite 8 odds don’t usually win by accident.

They are strong teams that play defense well, rebound, and avoid turnovers. Let’s consider some tips for betting Elite 8 odds.

Elite 8 odds last year had nearly every top team as part of the Elite Eight field. The teams that advanced to the Final Four were not a great surprise. Ohio State and Florida were #1 seeds and favored in Elite 8 odds. Those two teams ended up playing for the National Championship in a game that Florida won. As you look at this year’s Elite 8 odds you want to look for things that have worked in the past. Teams with strong guards that play defense usually do well. Teams that can rebound and avoid turnovers are excellent bets in Elite 8 odds. Go back and look at regular season statistics for all of the remaining eight teams in March Madness odds. The ones that struggle on defense are going to have definite trouble in this round versus Elite 8 odds. A team without a strong point guard is not going to win versus March Madness odds. Teams can get lucky with great shooting and survive for a while in the tournament but when it comes down to the Elite 8 odds only the best teams are likely to advance.

Another factor to keep in mind when betting Elite 8 odds is free throw shooting. The games are likely to be close and you really don’t want to be betting on a team that can’t shoot free throws. Even if they are the superior team they oftentimes will give a game away because they can’t hit from the charity stripe. This factor may come into play this season with a team like Memphis that can’t hit free throws and can’t cover March Madness odds.

Take some of these things into consideration as you are betting Elite 8 odds this season. You really don’t want to be reaching with your handicapping at this time of the year. You want to go with solid fundamentals and what has worked in the past when betting Elite Eight March Madness odds.

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