The Best Conferences in March Madness

February 19th, 2018 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds are going to feature the best conferences like the Big East and Big 12 but are those conferences the ones you want to follow?

There are some conferences that simply do better in March Madness betting than others.   Let’s take a look at the ratings.

March Madness odds during the last 25 years have seen the Big East and ACC battle for conference supremacy.  North Carolina won it all a year ago but the Big East actually had the better overall tournament.  The ACC is still the best overall conference though.  They have had Duke and North Carolina and that is why they have excelled.  You might want to consider another conference this year though as North Carolina didn’t even make the tourney while the entire conference other than Duke looks weak.

The Big East has been the second best conference over the last 25 years in the NCAA Tournament. They should gain some ground on the ACC this season since the Big East is a far better conference this season.  You can make a case that the ACC is not even the third best conference this year.  The SEC is the third best conference in the past quarter century and they may have surpassed the ACC during this regular season.  Kentucky is an excellent team and the SEC has depth that the ACC does not.  The Big 10 is right behind the SEC in NCAA Tournament play and this season they have a number of top teams including Ohio State who has Player of the Year Evan Turner. The other two conferences are the Big 12 and the Pac-10. It has been a terrible year for the Pac-10 so they are going to drop even further behind in the overall rankings.

If you look at the NCAA Tournament in March Madness odds and just look at the Final Four and title games then the ACC is still in the lead but the Big East is not in second. That honor goes to the SEC who has one more championship and the same number of Final Four trips. The Big 10 is right there as well in March Madness odds.

While the ACC and Big East have gotten the attention in the past in March Madness odds, this year’s tournament is going to be about the Big East.  The Big 12, SEC and Big 10 have contenders as well in March Madness betting but the power is in the Big East.

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