Sweet Sixteen Betting Numbers for 2010

February 19th, 2018 NCAA Basketball

Sweet Sixteen betting numbers happen when things get serious for the top seeds.

More often than not you are going to have games involving #1 seeds in this round.  Let’s look at the matchups you could see in Sweet Sixteen odds and how each of those seeds performs.

Sweet Sixteen betting has the top seeds winning most of the time in this round. When the top seed is matched up against the #4 seed they win 72% of the time.   This is the most common matchup that you will see in Sweet Sixteen betting.  In fact, it happens 36% of the time in Sweet Sixteen odds.

When the #1 seed faces the #5 seed in Sweet Sixteen betting you can pretty much go to the bank with the top seed. They have won almost 85% of the time with an average margin of victory at 7.8 points per game.

Since the #12 seeds have done well recently in the tournaments you will have some of them making it to Sweet Sixteen betting.  When that happens they are simply toast. The #1 versus #12 game in Sweet Sixteen betting has happened 16 times and the #1 seed has won every game.

The #1 vs. #13 seed has happened only three times in Sweet Sixteen betting history with the top seed winning every game by an average of 15.3 points per game.

The #4 vs. the #8 has seen the eight seed win three of the five all-time Sweet Sixteen betting matchups. The #4 vs. the #9 has seen the #4 seed win the only two Sweet Sixteen meetings in history.  The #5 vs. the #8 seed has happened twice in Sweet Sixteen betting history with the eight seed winning both games.  The #5 vs. #9 seed game has happened only once and the nine seed won the game in Sweet Sixteen odds.  The 8-12 matchup has happened once with the 12 seed winning in Sweet Sixteen odds and the 8 vs. 13 matchup has happened once with the eight seed winning.

The #2 vs. #3 seed has seen the two seed win 63% of the time while the #2 vs. #6 has seen the second seed win 78% of the time.  The two seed owns the 11 seed if they meet while the three seed owns the seven seed or the ten seed if they get together.  The 6-7 matchup is even while the 6 vs. 10 favors the six seed.  The 11 has beaten the 7 seed in their three Sweet Sixteen meetings while the 7 beat the 14 and the 10 beat the 14 seed in their only matchups.

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