Strategies for Making a March Madness Bet

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness bet strategies seem to be a dime a dozen.

Sometimes these strategies for betting March Madness lines work and sometimes they don’t.  Which ones can you look at that have the best chance of success?

March Madness bet action is always changing. That makes strategies for betting March Madness lines somewhat fluid.  One thing that doesn’t change when you make a March Madness bet is getting the best number. If you can get the best number on a game your chances of winning will be greater.  It is really that simple. There are some people who do nothing but work at getting the best number when they place a wager.  That is easier said than done but it can help you win.  If you don’t have any other option than taking the number you get then you need to look at some strategies for picking the best game when you make a March Madness bet.

There are going to be strategies that tell you not to lay big numbers when you make a March Madness bet while other strategies tell you only to play underdogs.  None of them will work all the time. There are no hard and fast rules that work every time vs. the March Madness lines.

What you can look at in terms of strategies for making a March Madness bet is streaks, information, injuries and trends. They don’t all work every time, and they don’t always stay the same but you can spot some things when you get ready to bet the NCAA Tournament.  Seeding trends have become very popular in recent years so you may want to be a little bit careful following those since when everyone is aware of something it doesn’t do as well.  It used to be that underdogs were the way to go in the tournament and that still can apply but this year, college basketball is top heavy so be careful about taking all dogs.

To win versus the March Madness lines you do have to have a bankroll, discipline and you need a strategy. It doesn’t have to be fancy but you do need a plan.  You might only play Big East teams or you might bet against all the Big 10 teams but you need something to keep you out of trouble when you make a March Madness bet.

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