Second Round March Madness Betting Numbers

March Madness betting in the second round gives you 32 teams to consider.

You have all of the #1 seeds remaining and most of the other top seeds.  When you make a March Madness bet there are some definite numbers to consider for this round.

March Madness betting has the #1 seeds advancing out of this round almost every time.  We know that the #16 seeds have never won so they will already be gone. That means a #1 seed will face the #8 or #9 team in round two.  88% of the time the #1 seed is going to win.  The #1 seed has beaten the #8 seed 80% of the time. When the #1 seed faces the #9 seed they win almost every time.  They have won an astounding 94.4 % of the time.

The next matchups in March Madness betting have the #4 and #5 seeds facing off most of the time unless a #12 or #13 seed pulled off a first round upset. When the #4 faces the #5 seed in March Madness betting it is almost a dead even game.  Since the #12 seeds do win in that first round you will sometimes see them make the second round when you make a March Madness bet. When they are matched up against the #4 seeds they usually lose.  The #4 seeds win 61% of the time.  When the #5 seed faces the #13 seed they win that game most of the time in March Madness betting. They have won 77% of the time.   Every so often the #12 does face the #13 seed and when that happens the #12 team wins almost every time for those making a March Madness bet at 88%.

The next March Madness betting matchups in the second round have the 3-14 winners from the first round facing the 6-11 winners. When the #3 faces the #6 they win 56% of the time. The #3 vs. the #11 has the third seed winning 71% of the time while the #6 vs. #14 matchup has the #6 seed winning 83% of the time.

The #2-#15 vs. the #7-#10 winners should see the #2 winning most of the time for those making a March Madness bet.  The 2 seed has won 72% of the time against the #7 seed. What is surprising is that when the #2 faces the #10 they win just 58% of the time.  The #7 has faced the #15 only once in March Madness betting and won the game while the #10 has faced the #15 seed three times and won each game.