Road Teams in College Basketball Betting Lines at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

College basketball betting lines often time show the road team as the underdog.

How big of an advantage is the home court in college basketball betting lines? It is an important question to answer as you look to bet college basketball lines. College basketball betting lines show that the home court is a valuable edge. Both college and NBA are notorious for home court advantages that are perhaps the most valuable in all of sports and something that the college basketball lines oddsmakers have to adjust and account for each day. As basketball teams go on the road it is important to ensure a full evaluation of the team in question as well as the home team, as there are certain indicators that will lead to a favorable or unfavorable verdict in terms of college basketball betting lines. One of the best indicators on whether a basketball team is a good risk against college basketball lines on the road is if they are disciplined. Good indicators of discipline are consistent effort, and edge in rebounding, and defense. It also helps to have a good turnover margin and a high free throw percentage as you look at college basketball betting lines. Basketball teams that excel in these areas of the game are generally reliable teams to go with in college basketball betting lines.

Basketball teams that are poor free throw shooting teams, that have poor defensive statistics, poor rebounding statistics, weak free throw shooting numbers and bad turnover margins and ratios are teams that are not worth the risk in college basketball betting lines. You should also look at going against poor road teams up against good home teams in college basketball lines. If you are handicapping a road team and it turns out that they are bad travelers and their host is solid, you may want to completely re-evaluate your wager and consider the home team versus college basketball betting lines. Other handicapping factors to consider are recent performance and trend history of both teams as it pertains to home/away college basketball betting lines.Road games are never easy in any sport but they seem to be more difficult in sports where you have to play multiple games in a week. That applies to college basketball betting lines. Always analyze closely road games to see if you can find reason to go with the home team in college basketball betting lines.

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