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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds for the NCAA Tournament are listed in bracket format

This makes things exciting to look at and easier to follow. As you get ready for March Madness betting there are some things to remember.

March Madness odds will show 32 games for the first round, not counting the play-in game. If you expect to have a winning tournament in March Madness betting then you need to start off well. If you struggle during that opening weekend of March Madness odds it is very difficult to recover. With that in mind let’s look at the first round. We know that in the first round the #12 seeds have done very well against the #5 seeds. We may want to start our first round March Madness betting by taking a #12 seed.

Another thing to remember about the brackets in March Madness betting is that teams are not always seeded properly. There will be some teams seeded too high and others too low. You want to identify these teams and decide if there is value going with them or against them in March Madness odds. Just because a team is seeded a certain way does not mean they are really that good or that bad. Remember that public opinion is important as you look at March Madness odds and seeds. Teams that go under the radar with the public oftentimes go under the radar in terms of seeds as well. Just look how well those #12 seeds have done in March Madness odds.

You should know that in the first round, #1 seeds hold their own in March Madness odds, #2 seeds are decent; #3 seeds are very solid while #4 seeds are okay. We know that the #5 seeds struggle in March Madness odds, #6 seeds do about as expected, #7 seeds struggle at times while #8 seeds are very poor in March Madness odds.

Winning in the first round of March Madness odds can’t be overstated. If you start the tournament poorly you are fighting an uphill battle the rest of the way. If you start strongly though, you have a real chance to win money versus the March Madness odds.

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