Pros vs. Joes in March Madness Odds

February 20th, 2018 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds can really be a battle between the pros and the Joes.

What this means is that you have professional gamblers battling the public in March Madness betting.  You might think the pros always win this battle but that is not always the case.

March Madness odds get a ton of publicity and they are very popular at online sportsbooks.  In fact, March Madness odds are second only to the Super Bowl in popularity.  Because of the public factor in March Madness odds, you are going to see some really interesting battles. If the pros really hit a game in March Madness odds, the sportsbook is not too worried if they are betting the underdog.  They are terrified if they are betting the favorite. The reason for this is that the public is going to bet the favorites.  If the public and the wide guys are both on the favored team then the sportsbook is at risk in that game.  Rarely is the public going to take underdogs in March Madness odds.

The battle between the pros and the Joes usually goes the way of the professional gambler except in big events like the Super Bowl and March Madness betting.  These types of events are far more unpredictable than the everyday college or professional regular season game.  March Madness is named that way for a reason because anything can happen.  It is maddening at times with great finishes and exciting upsets.

The public is going to bet the marquee teams and the favorites in March Madness odds.  That really never changes.  They will start to take underdogs but only when Cinderella stories start to emerge. That doesn’t happen in the first round of March Madness odds.  It does happen in the second round, Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight. By the time the Final Four arrives there usually aren’t any surprises left.

The public really has some tendencies when it comes to March Madness betting and they sometimes bet teams the pros will not.  The pros are all about finding value and usually that is not done with favorites.  That makes for a good situation for the sportsbooks since they get good action on both sides of a game.

When you look at March Madness, always remember that the public and the professionals are going to battle it out. Anything can happen when teams are involved in March Madness so the pros are not always going to win against the Joes.

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