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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness brackets give everyone a chance to pick winners

When looking at the March Madness brackets you need to look for teams that you think can go deep into the tournament and consider a few upsets along the way.  Let’s look at some tips that will help in picking March Madness brackets.

March Madness brackets are seeded with teams 1-16.  We know that most people will look strongly at all of the #1 seeds in March Madness brackets.  You should know that never have all four #1 seeds made it into the Final Four.  You should also know that never have all of the #1 seeds been shut out of the Final Four.  That tells us that it is going to probably be one or two teams seeded #1 that makes it to the Final Four.  You will need to pick at least one and probably two top seeds to fall in the March Madness brackets.  But remember that the #1 seeds don’t lose easily.  They always get out of the first round.  Most of the time they make it to the Sweet 16, and almost 70% of the time they make it to the Elite 8.  That means they usually lose in the Elite 8 round.  That is a big key to picking winning March Madness brackets.  Look for vulnerability from a #1 seed in the Elite 8 round in March Madness betting.

Let’s look at some other seeding numbers to consider in later rounds.  Second seeds are almost unbeatable in the first round but just barely above .500 in the next round.  #3 seeds are strong in the first round but less than half make it to the Sweet 16.  The same thing applies to #4 seeds.

Be aware that 87% of Final Four teams come from the top 4 seeds.  Only once has a seed lower than #8 made the Final Four March Madness brackets.  We know that about half of the #1 seeds won’t make it but you should know that the #1 seed or seeds that do make it to the Final Four win the title more often than not in March Madness betting.

As you look to pick winners for your March Madness brackets and against the March Madness betting line you want to look for experience.  The more experienced teams do well in March Madness brackets.  Consider all of these factors as you fill out your March Madness brackets and look to pick winners against the March Madness betting line.

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