Picking Final Four Odd Winners at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

Final Four odd winners can be picked successfully if you remember a few things.

Picking the winners in Final Four odd betting lines gives you three games to look at. You have both of the Final Four games and the Championship game to consider in March Madness odds.

Final Four odd facts tell us that 14 of the last 16 champs have been #1 or #2 seeds. At least one #1 seed has made it into Final Four odd lines over the last 24 years. Experience matters in terms of Final Four odd games. Teams that meet in the Final Four almost always have been there before. Final Four odd facts tell us that talent wins out. Since 1979 every single title winner has had at least one McDonald’s All-American on the team. The lowest seed ever to make a Final Four was a #11 seed. The top rated teams are seeded for a reason and usually they do what they are supposed to do in the tournament and that is win games.

The bottom line on Final Four odd facts tells us that the best teams make the Final Four most of the time. If a team was not ranked in February they do not make the Final Four in April. Quality wins when it comes to the Final Four odd lines.

What many gamblers forget when it comes to Final Four odd lines are the totals. There are totals on both Final Four games and on the Championship game. These March Madness odds are excellent to bet as many gamblers overlook the totals. History has shown that Final Four odd betting totals go over more often than not. If you like to cheer for points in the Final Four then betting the over in terms of Final Four odd lines may be a good way to go. March Madness odds have totals on every single game and oftentimes they go unnoticed by the average gambler. That is really too bad since totals can sometimes provide more value than sides in the NCAA Tournament.

Remember some of these Final Four facts as you look at March Madness odds this season and look to pick more winners.

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