Picking Bracket Winners in March Madness Betting

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting involves looking at 64 teams broken into four regions of 16 teams each

Each of those teams is ranked 1 to 16 in each of the four regions.  There are some things to consider as you make picks versus the March Madness odds in this year’s NCAA Tournament.

March Madness betting has never seen a #1 seed lose outright to a #16 seed.  They don’t always cover the spread but in NCAA Tournament history they always win.  The #2 seeds are almost as good as they have lost very rarely.  Even the #3 seeds don’t lose to #14 seeds that often.  When you look at your brackets in the first round you are probably going to pencil in the top three seeds advancing from each of the four regions.  When you get to the #4 seeds and beyond, you can start considering some outright upsets.

There are so many brackets and so many people picking the games that you can easily find someone that has an opinion. What you need to remember is that these so-called experts can’t pick games any better than you can when it comes to March Madness odds.  Don’t follow them as they aren’t going to win any more games than you are.

You are not going to pick every game right in the NCAA Tournament. It never happens. Some contests offer a million dollars for a perfect bracket and they are very safe in offering that much money since it simply can’t be done. The odds are astronomical against picking a perfect bracket.  And that is just straight up. It has been said that it is even tougher than winning the lottery. Picking every game right against the March Madness betting line is even more impossible.  What you want to do is pick more winners than losers. That is your goal.

If you want to pick straight up winners then going with the top few seeds in each bracket in the first round is pretty much a given.  In the second round you can throw in a few March Madness betting upsets and when it gets to the Sweet Sixteen you can really narrow things down.

The NCAA Tournament bracket is really unique and attracts a lot of attention. Even people that don’t normally bet college hoops will want to get involved in March Madness betting.

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