Opening March Madness Betting Lines

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting lines are set where they are for a reason, not by luck or chance.

The March Madness betting oddsmakers are quite scientific and meticulous about their work as they take an incredible amount of different factors into account when developing the opening March Madness betting lines. These range from such obvious factors as the skill levels of the teams involved, home court, and obvious statistics to more difficult items to read such as the public’s perception of the March Madness betting lines.

March Madness lines give gamblers a lot of choices. Some of these options will make the gamblers money while some will not. The March Madness betting oddsmakers are not just masters of setting up March Madness betting lines that will attract attention and money on both sides of a game but they are also even better and more skilled experts at setting traps for the unsuspecting and, unfortunately, all too typical player.

While the March Madness betting oddsmakers start with the same tools that many in sports handicapping utilize such as power ratings, statistics and a mountain of statistical data they will also take into account situation data and factors such as motivation, emotion, revenge, and other intangibles when making the opening March Madness betting lines. But beyond that there is the all-important factor of the general public’s perception and where most of the money is likely to go in March Madness betting lines.

The March Madness betting oddsmakers know better than anyone else which teams draw the most money and which situations are the most popular for gamblers to bet. The oddsmakers will then adjust their March Madness betting lines accordingly in order to take advantage of that knowledge.

It is important to remember when looking at March Madness betting lines that many people will not win money. Sportsbooks are in business for a reason and it is not because everyone wins. It is not always easy to win money versus the March Madness betting lines but it can be done. You just have to understand what is going on when the opening March Madness betting lines are actually made.

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