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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting lines include more than just the NCAA Tournament.

Going on at the same time is the National Invitation Tournament or NIT as it is commonly known. The NIT is comprised of the other teams that were not good enough for the main NCAA Tournament. Let’s look at NIT March Madness betting.

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March Madness betting lines on the NIT might look the same as NCAA Tournament lines but they are not. There are often two conflicting emotions and motivations for NIT teams. There are the smaller or less renowned programs that rarely get any kind of exposure and are excited about making the NIT and then there are the teams that are disappointed to be there because they were hoping for the Big Dance. The small schools are likely to give maximum effort against better known or “name brand” college basketball teams. These smaller and lesser known schools are often underrated teams that offer excellent value against the March Madness betting lines.

Sometimes the well known college basketball teams often lack full motivation to play in the NIT as they are coming off disappointing seasons and losses in their conference tournaments, which prevented them from making the NCAA Tournament. Oftentimes the better known teams will get a lot of public action in March Madness betting lines regardless of how poorly they played coming down the stretch. Big name schools always draw more attention than smaller schools in March Madness betting.

You need to know with March Madness betting lines that the first rounds of NIT games are not played on neutral courts like NCAA games. They are played on home courts and it is a huge difference in March Madness betting handicapping. You must take travel and motivation into account when you handicap NIT March Madness betting lines. If you want to bet on a road team in March Madness betting lines then you need to have extra things in their favor. Home teams are usually the way to go in the NIT versus the March Madness betting lines. Remember with March Madness betting lines that only the final four of the NIT are playing at neutral sites as the Final Four in the NIT is at New York’s Madison Square Garden. Always keep this in mind with March Madness betting lines.

Motivation is a critical element in handicapping the NIT March Madness betting lines. Look for teams that really want to be in the tournament taking on teams that really don’t. It is those situations that can make you money in NIT March Madness betting.

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