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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

NCAA Tournament odds & brackets are very popular. Some companies offering as much as $10 million dollars for anyone that fills out a perfect bracket.

Before you look at NCAA Tournament odds and think that a perfect bracket is possible you should know that your have a better chance of winning the lottery.

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NCAA Tournament odds begin with the play-in game but most brackets don’t include that game. The NCAA Tournament odds and brackets really begin with the 64 teams. That means to pick a perfect bracket you would have to predict the outcome of 63 games correctly. The NCAA Tournament odds of anyone doing that successfully are astronomical. Most people that look at NCAA Tournament odds will make at least three mistakes in the first round, and those are the leading brackets. One website has upped their giveaway for a perfect bracket to $10 million but it is so unrealistic that anyone will pick a perfect bracket that they may as well offer $100 million. Let’s say that you know what you are doing with NCAA Tourney odds though. Would your NCAA Tournament odds of picking a perfect bracket be so impossible? The answer is yes. Most math experts that have looked at the NCAA Tourney odds estimate that even an informed gambler would still have NCAA Tournament odds of 150 million to one to pick a perfect bracket. The lottery doesn’t look so bad now does it?

How can you improve your chances of picking a reasonably successful bracket in NCAA Tourney odds? In the first round the top seeds always win and second seeds rarely lose. The problems arise in picking other games where upsets are possible in NCAA Tourney odds. Even if you are an expert in NCAA Tournament odds and pick 70% winners your chances of picking a perfect bracket are next to zero. That is why the prizes for such an event are so high. Even if you relied on some great power ratings to pick winners your NCAA Tournament odds of picking a perfect bracket are still in the billions. Don’t get discouraged though. You can still pick the most winners of anyone in a contest and you can also make money betting the games versus NCAA Tournament odds.

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