NCAA March Madness Teasers at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

NCAA March Madness is a thrilling event that is highly anticipated by March Madness betting fans all across the nation.

March Madness betting typically focuses on simple side bets or perhaps money lines, but NCAA March Madness also presents other March Madness betting opportunities that are sometimes overlooked. One NCAA March Madness wager that is not taken advantage of by many NCAA March Madness fans is the teaser.

NCAA March Madness provides the perfect setting for placing basketball teasers. NCAA March Madness is so attractive for this March Madness betting strategy in part because of the high quantity of daily games, especially in the beginning rounds of the tournament. Additionally, NCAA March Madness is much better for basketball teasers than is the NBA Playoffs because college basketball teams have lower scores than their professional counterparts due to the shorter duration of the games. Consequently, each point you receive to your advantage in an NCAA March Madness teaser has more value than that same point would have in an NBA teaser.

There are a few tips to keep in mind when you use teasers to wager on NCAA March Madness. One is to only make teasers on the games you feel the most confident about. You can use a teaser to help make a decent NCAA March Madness betting line seem attractive, but it is even better to use a teaser to make an attractive NCAA March Madness betting line seem excellent. Additionally, you should not hesitate to include totals in your NCAA March Madness teasers, rather than focusing solely on sides. If you only use sides then you are restricting yourself to only half of the NCAA March Madness betting board and inevitably overlooking lots of NCAA March Madness betting value. Furthermore, you should choose the appropriate teaser to accommodate the NCAA March Madness games you want to use, rather than the other way around. For example, some NCAA March Madness bettors decide they want to fill a certain NCAA March Madness teaser and then find the best games to fill it. However, it is wiser to simply decide which NCAA March Madness games you prefer and build the teaser that way. Also, you should not hesitate to use the small NCAA March Madness teasers that only involve a few plays, instead of aiming to win one of the larger teasers offering more points for more games. This is a personal decision, but it is often easier to handicap a small number of games with a small number of points rather than numerous games with more points.

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