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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

NCAA basketball odds for many years have seen the Baylor Bears as big underdogs in Big 12 play.

There are still the regular conference schedules to play and several months before the March madness betting officially arrives, but already you can see the NCAA March madness fans slowing turning ‘mad’.  But they can hardly be blamed as March madness betting is without a doubt the most fantastic sports betting spectacle on the face of the planet.

March madness is arguably the best bit of sports betting you’ll ever engage in.  And as proof simply look at the name, it says it all.  In fact, March madness betting is so huge that it gets its own entire month to carry on the craziness.  How many other sports betting events get a whole month reserved for themselves –none, only NCAA March madness betting.  And as to the craziness involved, again, the name says it all: March madness betting.  It’s simply mad!

But more than any other single characteristic the thing that makes March madness unbeatable is the volume of games.  The Super Bowl, for example, is great, but it’s just one game.  March madness betting fans get treated to over 60 games over a span of several weeks.  How could the Super Bowl ever possibly compete with March madness betting?  Simply impossible.

Or take for example the World Series, that’s a little better than a single game, but still, with just a maximum of seven games which take place in a about a week’s time it still can’t rival the March madness betting.  The only thing that comes close is the NBA Finals and playoffs, as that season seems to last for years, even longer than the NCAA March madness.  But just ask anyone that’s seen both and they will tell you in a second that the NBA Finals is chicken scratch compared to March madness betting.

And it’s quite true.  The NBA Finals (and the playoffs) are the most anti-climactic and drawn out sporting event in the world.  And perhaps that’s why so many basketball fans love March madness betting: because the professional post season is so boring and uneventful.  And unfortunately for baseball betting fans the NBA postseason seems to get worse every year, which makes March madness betting even more attractive.

Whatever the case may be March madness betting has earned a special place among the general consensus of the betting public.  It is by far the most anticipated three weeks in sports betting and every year the NCAA March madness seems to outdo itself.  So with just a few short months between now and the March madness betting, get ready, because it will be here before you know it.

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