NCAA Tournament Betting Line Strategy at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

NCAA Tournament betting line strategies are a dime a dozen.

There are hundreds of them to consider and none are perfect. That doesn’t mean you can’t develop a good one of your own if you keep a few things in mind when betting NCAA Tournament odds.

NCAA Tournament betting line odds give you a lot of chances to make money. This leads into your first decision when looking at a strategy for NCAA Tournament odds. How many games are you going to play against the NCAA Tournament betting line? Some people love playing a lot of games while others are selective. There is no right or wrong answer but remember that if you play a lot of games and go cold you could lose a lot of money when betting against the NCAA Tournament betting line. Another part of your early decision making process on a strategy is how much of your bankroll to bet against the NCAA Tournament betting line. Do you risk a percentage per game or do you have a set amount?

The biggest decision in regards to the NCAA Tournament betting line is what games to play. If you do your handicapping in the traditional way you will look at matchups, statistics and other basic data. A better way though to bet against the NCAA Tournament betting line might be to simply look at the NCAA Tournament odds. This means you ignore the stats and simply look at the NCAA Tournament betting line. What you are looking for is value or anomalies in the NCAA tournament odds. For example, you might see a game in which a lower seeded team is favored over a higher seeded team. Let’s say a #5 seed is favored over a #4 seed in the NCAA Tournament betting line. Why would that be the case? Do the oddsmakers know something? You probably should automatically take the team that is favored because the NCAA tournament betting line is set for a reason and the oddsmakers usually know more than the people that make the seeds.

As you develop your strategy for wagering against the NCAA Tournament line, remember that nothing works every time. Continue adjusting your strategy and be aware of changes that happen as the tournament progresses.

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